Mr. Brown
Located in Virginia
Price - $15,000



16 Hands

16h 5yr TB g. Super cute horse with an awesome disposition! Very good jumper, currently hunting 1st Flight or hilltopping with no problem!

Mr. Brown raced two or three times and had the slows. He is loving his new life! He has tons of trail mileage, hunt trail rides and has been hunting all season. He is perfect in the Hilltopping group with a complete amateur. He is great hunting 1st field as well and is an excellent jumper. He is very well mannered, stands at the checks, is good with the hounds and goes in a snaffle. He doesn't pull and he is fun, safe and sane. Excellent barn and ground manners with his sporting life in front of him.

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Diane Crump
P.O. Box 297
Linden, Virginia 22642
(540) 635-7483

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